Radial polymer solid capacitors: Ultra-low ESRs, high ripple current, and temperature resistance

Given its ultra-low ESR, high resistance of high ripple current (RC) and high temperature, and long lifespan, the radial polymer solid capacitor can fulfill the requirements for various components, including mainboards, servers, and frequency converters.

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For capacitor applications related to inverters, servers, and home appliances, Su’scon launched the EA/EC/EL/EP/ET series of radial solid capacitors with outstanding properties, such as ultra-low ESR, high ripple-current resistance, and high temperature resistance. In the series, ESR can be as low as 7 mΩ with maximum ripple-current resistance of 5,500 mA. The following table describes the properties of these radial polymer solid capacitor series:



Temperature range

Rated voltage

Capacitance range

Energy loss

Load life


-55 to +105°C






-55 to +105°C






-55 to +105°C






-55 to +125°C






-55 to +125°C






EA Series: The general-purpose series can be applied to designs without specific requirements for the rated voltage, ESR, and lifespan, such as mainboards and servers.

EC Series: With the lowest ESR of 7 mΩ in a high-frequency (300 kHz) scenario, the EC series is mostly applied to high-frequency switches such as DC/DC and DC/AC power supply.

EL Series: Being able to withstand an RC of 5,500 mA with a minimum ESR of 10 mΩ and lifespan of 5,000 h (105°C), the series are suitable for designs with strict requirements for ripple resistance and ESRs, such as servers and inverters.

ET Series: As a high-temperature general-purpose series, the ET series features a maximum operating temperature of 125°C and RC resistance of 1,700 mA@125 ˚C, which are suitable for applications involving high power density and a harsh environment, such as DC/DC power supply.

EP Series: In contrast to the ET series, the EP series has even higher temperature resistance and a long lifespan (2,000 h at 125°C), which are suitable for LEDs and service equipment.

The EA/EC/EL/EP/ET series of radial polymer solid capacitors have the following strengths:

1. Capable of operating within a voltage range of 2.5–50 V and is thus suitable for mainboard and server applications.

2. Offering a variety of capacitance options in the range of 6.8–2,700 µF for different needs.

3. Having a maximum lifespan of 5,000 h and a maximum operating temperature of 125°C .

4. Having a minimum ESR of 7 mΩ and maximum rated RC of 5,500 mA.


Su’scon’s EA/EC/EL/EP/ET series are known for their ultra-low ESRs, high RC resistance, and long lifespans, which are conductive to mainboard, server, and inverter designs.


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