Environment Protection

As an active promoter of environmentalism in the international community, Su’scon advocates protecting the environment from harmful substances and follows the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. All the raw materials used in its products are lead-free, nonpoisonous, degradable, and recyclable substances. We do not use raw materials that do not meet the RoHS Directive, thereby gaining praise and recognition from clients and improving product quality. Su’scon conducts the SII SEA100A X-ray fluorescence analysis of raw materials to ensure that the final consumers are not exposed to harmful substance. As a “green” electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, Su’scon has played an active role in environmental protection.

Su’scon considers these standards as manufacturing principles, whereby raw materials satisfying the aforementioned directive are used to facilitate sustainable development on Earth. The company also introduced X-ray fluorescence analysis to ensure that raw materials satisfy the RoHS Directive.

Su’scon uses lead-free raw materials and PVC-free sleeves, produces products complying with RoHS, and strictly does not use any harmful substances as specified in the ROHS directives .*

Su’scon has standardized environmental regulations for all of its factories. From raw material processing to product shipping for customers, the environmental factors are ensured through systemic control and preventive measures, thereby reducing the environmental impact to the maximum extent.