Su’scon offers radial-type 3D CAD templates of electrolytic capacitors as a reference for circuit design. If you need the 3D CAD data of other products, please go to “Contact Us” and leave your desired specifications and contact information; our staff will contact you and provide further details.


  1. The downloaded CAD sample does not represent the actual specifications of the product of interest.
  2. Because 3D CAD data were established according to the product’s representative dimensions, they might differ from the actual product dimensions.
  3. Su’scon may amend or remove such data for further update without prior notice.
  4. The 3D CAD data are in the STEP format. If you cannot open the downloaded file using CAD software, please convert the file first.
  5. The 3D CAD data are a copyright of Su’scon, and any distribution, public broadcast, public transmission, or personal use of the data is strictly prohibited.
  6.  Su’scon assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of the 3D CAD data.
  7. We will send relevant information to your email address, such as the requested 3D CAD data and updates, exhibition information, and news of latest products.