【Automotive electronics】With high-temperature resistance and low ESRs, the SVA and SVB series of conductive polymer electrolytic capacitors are apt filters for automotive 77-GHZ mmWave radars

The surface-mount conductive polymer electrolytic capacitors, namely SVA and SVB series, have been approved by AEC-Q200 and have a maximum lifetime of 10,000 h.

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In an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), sensors are crucial components, in particular the 77-GHz mmWave radar; such sensors are mainly installed on the vehicle’s front and sides for forward collision warning and autopilot.


7As a core component of automotive 77-GHz mmWave radar solutions, the mmWave transceiver, because of its integrated functions as an RF transmitter/receiver and as a processor, is characterized by complex power supply designs that require PMIC and LDO to provide multiple supply voltages. General supply of mmWave radar modules is achieved through vehicle power supply with high clutter. To mitigate the ripple effect, an aluminum electrolytic capacitor with low impedance and vehicle certification must be installed as a filter. When operating at the automotive grade, the long-term reliability of conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors decreases with the volatilization of the electrolyte. By contrast, Su’scon’s SMD-type AEC-Q200-approved SVA and SVB series have a rated voltage ranging between 16 V and 125 V, a capacitance range of 10–560 µF, and a maximum lifetime of 10,000 h.


Major specifications of the SVA and SVB aluminum electrolytic capacitors are as follows:


Temperature range

Rated voltage

Capacitance range

Energy loss

Load life


-55 to +105°C



<0.16 (25V)



-55 to +125°C



<0.16 (25V)



The SVA and SVB series comprise not only polymer materials but also electrolytes, thereby having higher withstand voltage and lower leakage current than solid capacitors. Despite featuring slightly higher ESR than do solid capacitors, the two capacitors are still preferable line filter solutions for vehicles with high reliability requirements. Because the desired withstand voltage of automotive 77-GHz mmWave radars is mostly 16 V or 25 V, the SVA and SVB series—featuring a low ESR, maximum operating temperature of 125°C, automatic SMT, and greater cost competitiveness than foreign brands—is the optimal filter choice for such radars.


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