【Automotive electronics】Su’scon Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Designed for Automotive Electronics

Su’scon is a well-established aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer in Taiwan with nearly 50 years of extensive manufacturing experience. Recently, we have launched some suitable solutions for in-vehicle electronics as following.

The UR series is a radial type aluminum electrolytic capacitor designed specifically for automotive applications, suitable for use in automotive thermal management systems, in compliance with the automotive specification AEC-Q200 standard. The UR series features high temperature resistance, high ripple current, long life, and a rated operating temperature of up to 135°C.

The SVB series is a SMD type conductive polymer hybrid capacitors designed specifically for automotive applications and compliant with the AEC-Q200 standard. The SVB series has low impedance, high voltage resistance, long life characteristics, the rated working temperature can reach 125°C. It is suitable for on-board chargers (OBC), battery management systems (BMS), motor microcontroller, and other applications.

Su’scon also offers a variety of other capacitors for multiple applications related to electric vehicle charging stations, such as Snap-in type capacitors (HZ, MZ series), DIP type capacitors (HE, HGN series), and SMD type capacitors (CDL series).

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